Phone Service

Yes, we offer a stand alone phone service package. 

Clay County Connect’s residential phone service with internet service is $24.99 per month.  We also offer a residential stand alone phone service for $51.99 per month.  The price is higher with the stand alone package because Clay County Connect will provide and install a modem which is the same modem that our internet service requires.

Basic features such as: Call Waiting, 3-way calling, voicemail, and free long distance.

Yes, in most cases. To keep your existing phone number, your previous carrier must agree to releasing your number to CCC. To determine if your number is transferable, call our customer service and they’ll be able to help!

The base rate allows for unlimited local and long distance calling in the continental US, among a number of other features. For international calling, per minute charges will be added to your bill based on that country’s rate. Country rates will be provided when you take phone service.

While CCC does not provide you with a phone, your existing phone should work just fine. When we come out to connect your phone service, we’ll make sure everything is working prior to completing the installation process. 

Yes. Our phone service is Voice Over IP (VOIP). Therefore, when we come to complete your home installation, we’ll plug your phone line into our internet modem. You do not need a separate modem for your phone.

Yes, any additional lines are $9.99 per line/month. 

Yes.  If you are a business or have a special need for many phone lines, we can provide you information about business services and pricing; click on the link blow to send us an email.