Acceptable Use Policy


CLAY COUNTY CONNECT sets forth the following policy regarding broadband service and internet use through and from CLAY COUNTY CONNECT’s fiber network (“CLAY COUNTY CONNECT’s Services”). This Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) shall govern the use of CLAY COUNTY CONNECT’s Services. Use of CLAY COUNTY CONNECT’s services hereby binds the user of such services to the terms and conditions of CLAY COUNTY CONNECT’s Acceptable Use Policy (the “User”). CLAY COUNTY CONNECT may modify this AUP at any time.

General Use


The User of CLAY COUNTY CONNECT’s Services (an account holder of CLAY COUNTY CONNECT) along with members of the User’s household and guests shall have the right to the use of CLAY COUNTY CONNECT’s Services if the User complies with the AUP. The User shall not sell, transfer, lease or assign all or any part of CLAY COUNTY CONNECT’s Services to others. No one, other than members of the User’s household and their guests shall access CLAY COUNTY CONNECT’s Services through User’s account using a wireless router or other means. Further, the User shall be responsible for all traffic, transmissions or passing of information in and out of the User’s account with CLAY COUNTY CONNECT. The internet may contain material that is unsuitable for minors, and the User agrees to supervise and to accept sole responsibility and liability for any use of CLAY COUNTY CONNECT’s services by minors through the User’s account with CLAY COUNTY CONNECT.

Violations of the Acceptable Use Policy


As a result of any violation of the AUP, CLAY COUNTY CONNECT may take the following actions:

·         Issue a warning

·         Suspend CLAY COUNTY CONNECT’s Services

·         Terminate CLAY COUNTY CONNECT’s Services


In the event of a violation, CLAY COUNTY CONNECT may, in its sole discretion, provide the User with notice by electronic mail or otherwise of the violation and an opportunity to correct the violation. However, CLAY COUNTY CONNECT hereby reserves the right to act immediately, without notice, to suspend or terminate CLAY COUNTY CONNECT’s Services to the User in response to a court order or other legal instances or when CLAY COUNTY CONNECT, in its sole discretion, determines the action, conduct or activity of the User may:

·         Expose CLAY COUNTY CONNECT to sanctions, prosecution, fines or civil action

·         Cause harm to or interfere with other Users of CLAY COUNTY CONNECT’s Services

·         Cause damage or harm to CLAY COUNTY CONNECT, its name or reputation, or its equipment, operation, or facilities

·         Interfere with CLAY COUNTY CONNECT’s operation in any manner whatsoever

·         Be in violation of any federal, state or local law or regulation.


 Prohibited Uses


The User shall not use or allow others to use CLAY COUNTY CONNECT’s Services for any illegal or inappropriate activities, including the following:

·         Invading another person’s privacy

·         Unlawfully using, possessing, posting, transmitting or disseminating obscene, profane or pornographic material

·         Posting, transmitting, distributing or disseminating content that is unlawful, threatening, abusive, harassing, libelous, slanderous, defamatory or fraudulent

·         Delivering spyware or secretively or deceptively obtaining confidential or personal information of others

·         Intentionally spreading computer viruses

·         Conducting or participating in illegal gambling

·         Making fraudulent claims as to products, items or services



Additionally, the following actions or activities are prohibited:

·         Sending mass emails (the volume of which disrupts or creates a problem for Users of CLAY COUNTY CONNECT’s service) or mail bombing (sending excessively large attachments or repeated attachments to others with the intent of disrupting or creating a problems for CLAY COUNTY CONNECT or its Users)

·         Transmitting or retransmitting emails which mislead the recipient(s) of the email(s) of their true origin

·         Facilitating spam

·         Infringing on copyrights

·         Pirating software



Further, CLAY COUNTY CONNECT may refer any violation or prohibited use to proper authorities or take whatever action it deems necessary to prevent, resolve, report or correct a violation or prohibited use of the UAP or applicable law.



Any persons seeking information about CLAY COUNTY CONNECT or to report a violation of the AUP may contact CLAY COUNTY CONNECT via electronic mail at:

or by U.S. Mail at:  PO Box 459, Corning, AR 72422