Internet Project

Clay County Connect’s internet build-out project will be completed in three phases over three years.  The build-out will consist of both wireless internet and fiber internet.  Wireless internet is provided by an antenna sending and receiving signals to a dedicated wireless internet tower.  The internet equipment is strategically installed on top of existing towers and wired to a fiber-optic cable which will beam high speed internet to the end user.  Fiber internet uses fiber-optic cables that send and receive data by utilizing the power of light.  First the fiber is installed on electric poles; next, the fiber is hardwired into your home and usually takes the same route that your electricity enters your home, either above ground or underground.  Once the fiber is brought to the outside of your home, a technician will bring the fiber connection into your home either thru the attic or crawlspace.  Clay County Connect will provide customers with wireless or fiber based upon availability in your area.

We will keep you updated on the areas which we are working.  To help us decide where to take our internet next, we need each household to join our waiting list.  Click on the “I am Interested” tab in the menu, enter your address, then fill out the form and click the “Submit” button.  By signing up, our service representatives will have your contact information and will contact you when we are coming to your area.