Residential Broadband Services

Clay County Connect offers you the most flexible, high speed internet service in the area.  Our technology allows us to offer the upmost reliable local coverage and customer support!  Whether you are skyping with family, working from home, getting fit with online workout videos, studying at home, spending time with the family or spending time at your cabin, Clay County Connect keeps you connected.

All fiber packages upgraded to SYMMETRICAL speeds at no additional cost.

Speeds Subject to Availability

Residential Phone Services

Clay County Connect offers residential phone service with unlimited long distance within the contiguous 48 states.  Our service provides caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, 3-way calling, and voicemail.  The residential phone service supports 811 and 911 and multiple lines are supported for additional cost.  Our residential phone packages start at $24.99 per month.  Contact Clay County Connect for your communication needs.

You might be eligible for Lifeline services

Lifeline is a federal government program that subsidizes the cost of voice or broadband (internet) for qualifying low-income customers.  The subsidy is provided to Clay County Connect, which then applies a discount to the standard rate charged to its customers.  Low-income households are eligible for only one Lifeline benefit, which may be applied to either voice or internet service.  The monthly subsidy is $9.25/month for qualifying internet service, or $5.25 for qualifying voice service.  This benefit cannot be transferred to another person or household.  If you are interested in signing up for this program, more information is available here.