About Us

Clay County Connect is a wholly owned subsidiary of Clay County Electric Cooperative Corporation (CCECC) and was established to meet a need of our rural communities—lack of reliable high-speed internet.  Rural internet users have been struggling to find a reliable and fast connection for access to the internet.  Like electricity, the internet is now a must in most people’s lives.  Students need internet access for their education; businesses need internet access to be competitive; and individuals need access to enrich and enhance their lives.

CCECC has provided reliable, safe, and affordable electric to its members for over 80 years.  In the 1930’s, the Rural Electrification Administration provided vision and leadership to bring electric to rural areas.  The adaptation of electricity led to productivity growth in agriculture which served as the central industry for rural life, while other sectors lagged in the economy.  Rural demands for the newest manufactured items found in urban American homes were dormant.  Given the widening disparities between rural and urban settings, the Rural Electrification Administration pushed forward with the electrification of rural America.

The forward-thinking vision and leadership of CCECC’s Board of Directors approved the decision to form a high-speed broadband internet company, Clay County Connect.  This company will offer fast and reliable internet connections for our rural communities.  The vision of our CCECC leaders believe that bringing reliable broadband to our rural communities will spur economic growth as well as fiber trades in our rural communities.  Broadband will bring new streams of information and narrow the cultural, educational, commercial, and national marketplace division between urban and rural America, just as the Rural Electrification Movement did in the 1930’s.

High-speed internet access will breathe new life into our rural communities.  This broadband movement will allow our rural communities to survive and be here in the future.  Our communities will be more competitive to offer individuals and businesses the telecommunications needed to operate from a rural community.  Along with high speed internet, Clay County Connect will be offering residential phone service.  The residential phone service will provide an economically competitive phone service for customers.